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Do You Have Financial Regrets?

A recent Bankrate study found that only 17 percent of Americans have no financial regrets. Among the choices in the survey that included taking on too much credit card debt and student loan debt, the biggest financial regret chosen was not saving … [Read more]

Preparing for Your Endless Summer

Retirement can seem like an endless summer with countless possibilities and adventures. Like the end of a school year for a child though, it is easy to become lost if we don't have activities to structure our days. At Legacy Financial Strategies, we … [Read more]

The DOL Fiduciary Rule and Legacy

Financial news has been filled with the new DOL Fiduciary Rule, which was finalized Wednesday, April 6, 2015 and will go into effect January 1, 2019. What is the DOL Fiduciary Rule? Introduced five years ago, the final version of the rule requires … [Read more]

How to Manage a Windfall

At a fundraiser one lucky raffle winner won a grand prize of $5,000. When asked what she was going to do with the money, the winner responded that she was going to pay off some of her debt. An impressive and responsible answer to a question we … [Read more]

Why You Need Access to a Vault

One of the biggest hassles at tax time can be gathering and organizing all the tax documents to give to your CPA. But what if you had a place to store your documents throughout the year that was secure and online, giving you convenient access anytime … [Read more]

Why I Became a Financial Advisor

After many years in the banking industry, I was at a crossroads. While I enjoyed working in the financial industry and helping people and businesses finance their dreams, I was tired of the regulatory nature of banking. I wanted more of a direct, … [Read more]

Using Tax Season to Your Advantage

Do you have big retirement goals, but feel like you’re behind in your savings? As you’re preparing your tax documents for 2015, consider speaking with your CPA and financial advisor to see if you can take advantage of catch up contributions to … [Read more]