Sound Advice.
Lasting Impact.

Fiduciary guidance leveraging teamwork, tax-efficient strategies and in-house specialties to bring ‘someday’ closer.

Putting Your Interests First

At Legacy Financial Strategies, our top focus and priority is providing services that center around our clients’ needs.

Our experienced financial advisors and support staff are driven by a genuine commitment to empowering you with financial planning and investment strategies that help you pursue your version of financial independence. 

Each team member is responsible for consistently upholding our standards of excellence to deliver superior service to you and your family.

How Our Services Benefit You

At Legacy, we pride ourselves on being more than just financial advisors; we’re your trusted partner and financial advocate. Whether through our sophisticated planning and investment strategies or being there to listen, we’re here for you; that’s our greatest achievement.



We’re passionate about planning because we know that good planning brings real confidence. When you work with a fiduciary advisory firm like ours, that confidence can make a positive difference for your family for generations to come.


We steer clear of fleeting investment fads. Instead, we rely on proven investment methods that have stood the test of time, shaped by our extensive experience and historical success. Our investment committee is driven by discipline and experience, not fear or greed.


Offering a 401(k) plan is just the beginning. We further support and educate your employees, add genuine value to your benefits program, and help everyone involved feel more secure about their future.

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Let’s See if We’re the Right Fit

Our first meeting is more of a friendly conversation than a formal consultation. It’s a chance for us to get acquainted and for you to share a bit about yourself. And we promise….we won’t use confusing financial jargon.