You’ve already done the hard part.

You’ve established a competitive benefits package and hired the right people. But do your employees know how to take full advantage of your programs?

Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners can bridge the gap between broad benefit choices and personalized strategies. More and more, elite employers are discovering one of the major keys to employee satisfaction: benefits with an explanation, and experts to explain the impact of their selections.

Futureproofed, Legacy’s workplace education program empowers your employees to maximize their benefits while putting your generosity on display. We’ll guide your participants on a variety of topics including:

Employees who understand what they have — and how to make it work for them — are connected to your company on a deeper personal level. That’s Futureproofed.

What’s included

Lunch & Earn Educational Series

Our CFP® practitioners provide lunch on-site and offer valuable advice in a group atmosphere. This is often the first time employees learn what they might be missing. All Lunch & Earn materials are approved by HR prior to presentation. As your needs and demographics dictate, we’re happy to cover the subject matter that’s relevant to your group. Some popular choices include:

Morning Coffee

Not all good advice has to be “by appointment.” We’re there when it’s convenient. Popular with many of our partners, Morning Coffee puts us where and when you need us. We bring the fresh brew; your employees bring their questions. For those not comfortable asking in front of a group, this format may be more their speed.

Customized Employee Discounts

For those employees needing more formal or long-term advice, Legacy discounts our standard financial planning fees for anyone employed at a Futureproofed company. Nevertheless, some employers choose to cover a portion of our personal financial planning fees as a benefit to all, while some reserve the option for executives only. The decision is yours.


Our CFP® practitioners have no product or investment vehicle to sell. In fact, as fee-only fiduciary advisors, their role is that of consultant and educator.

Your employees’ financial wellness and peace of mind is our top priority.

 Legacy’s Futureproofed series creates a partnership that brings personal impact to your benefits program.