Our Credentials

Our team isn’t engaged in financial planning as a hobby. We take this seriously. One of our core values is Growth. This means that when a team member joins our firm, they’re committing to continuously improving and honing their craft.

Today the titles and designations carried by financial professionals can seem like alphabet soup. The letters after a financial advisor’s name indicate a specialized education has been pursued and completed, and an organization has given special recognition to an advisor for their commitment to competency in a specific field. At Legacy, we’ve worked hard to assemble a team with specialized training in different areas of financial planning and investment advice. Our clients can count on receiving specialized advice from the right person for the right situation. We believe in the backing of a planning team that inspires confidence beyond what any single person can provide. Some of our team members credentials include:


We’re very proud of the team we’ve assembled. With nearly 200 years of combined financial services experience, we’re prepared to offer our clients the type of sophisticated strategies they’ll need to accomplish their goals.

Let’s See if We’re the Right Fit

Our first meeting is more of a friendly conversation than a formal consultation. It’s a chance for us to get acquainted and for you to share a bit about yourself. And we promise….we won’t use confusing financial jargon.